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Early Childhood

Nurturing Infants, Children, Families and Community Philosophy

For every young child, each and every moment should be a happy encounter with the world. We partner with our parents to create a safe, loving and nurturing environment. We believe we are responsible for helping each child develop a sense of trust, which leads to a healthy self concept, and growing independence. We encourage young children to learn by using their five senses in active play experiences suited to their age level of development.

Licenses & Certification

The New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services (D.Y.F.S.) licenses our "Y" Early Childhood Center. We comply with the Manual of Standards for Child Care Centers that regulates areas such as physical environment and life safety, staff qualifications, supervision, staff ratios, program activities, environment, health, food and nutrition, rest and sleep requirements.


  • Staff to child ratio 1:4
  • Hours: 7:45 am—5:45 pm (Early & late care options are available)
  • Rooms equipped with changing tables, strollers, High chairs, rocking chairs, cribs/cots, exercise saucers, bouncy seats, carpeted play areas.
  • Stimulating books, toys, music.
  • Indoor carpeted playroom designed for crawling, climbing, and riding toys for gross motor skill development.
  • Outdoor cushioned and fenced in playground
  • Individualized activity to develop cognitive, language and motor skills
  • Music and Movement


  • Staff to child ratio 1:6
  • Hours: 7:45 am—5:45 pm (Early & late care options are available)
  • Classrooms containing “centers” for learning Library, building, housekeeping, nature, music and art.
  • Tables & chairs for family style meals, development of fine motor skills and napping cots.
  • Development of age appropriate skills
  • Circle time with exposure to colors, shapes, holidays, seasons and more.
  • Indoor playroom and Outdoor fenced in play area with structures for gross motor skill development
  • Music and Movement Fridays


  • Our children are served strictly Kosher meals that are well balanced and meet the USDA/RDA nutritional standards.
  • Monthly menus will be provided. Please notify the teacher with a written note of any food allergies.
  • No outside food may be brought into the “Y” unless special arrangements have been made with the Director. All purchased birthday treats must be Kosher with an OU.
  • We are a peanut free facility. An effort is made to not serve items made with or on equipment that has come into contact with peanuts, however, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Baby formula up to age one is available to those parents choosing to participate in our infant formula program. (Forms will be attached in your registration packet.)


  • A photo of your child
  • Formula Bottles, Sippie Cups Diapers, wipes Pull-ups, ointment
  • Complete change of clothing
  • A blanket for naptime
  • Spare Underpants (if needed)

For More Information call:  Early Childhood Department (908) 289-8112 x 10


The integrated Judaic and Secular studies curriculum in our Gan incorporate helping children 2½ years of age make a smooth transition from the toddler class to pre-school. Emphasis in this class is on fostering the child’s independence, social development, toilet training, motor and language development. The Gan Class features additional emphasis on tefilla (prayer), Torah study, Jewish Holidays, Israel, Hebrew language and Shabbat. This class is designed to prepare children for entry into a yeshiva educational system or for those that may just want a rich Jewish experience.


  • Staff to child ratio 1:10
  • Hours: 7:45-3:15 pm (late options are available)
  • Classroom centers for learning, library, Housekeeping, nature, art and Manipulatives
  • Tables & Chairs for family style meals and cots for napping
  • Curriculum Highlights: Aleph/Bet/ABC/Numbers 1-10, Colors & Shapes
  • Vocabulary, Name recognition, Chaggim, Parsha, Tefila & Shabbat parties all taught in Hebrew & English
  • Potty training
  • Development of age appropriate fine, gross and motor skills
  • Indoor playroom/outdoor fenced in playground both with structures for gross motor development
  • Music & Movement, Gym & Swim
  • Breakfast, Lunch & 2 Snacks served daily


Designed to help children (2 ½ years of age) make a smooth transition from the toddler classes to pre-school. Emphasis in this class is on fostering the child’s independence, social development, toilet training, motor and language development


Provides a rigorous academic environment designed to prepare the children for entry into a kindergarten program the following year. We strive to impart to the students all of the basic learning skills needed for success in all academic areas, and to create successful, life-long learners. The academic curriculum focuses on children’s literature, math, science and various themes through the year. The children become enthusiastic about learning.